Nine Ways To Embellish Your Wheelchair

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Nine Ways To Embellish Your Wheelchair

28 August 2015
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You may not be able to choose whether or not you need a wheelchair, but you can decide what it looks like. There are lots of cheap things you can do to add some personality to your chair. Here are nine of them.

1. Add lights. This is so fun because you can add all different colors. You can do red and white during February, red and green during December, pastels during April. There are lots of battery powered strands available and you can wrap them around the arms of your chair or buy spoke lights. Most of the things that work on bikes will also work on wheelchairs. If you are really dedicated, you can also glue them underneath. 

2. Purchase decals. You can stick them just about anywhere on your wheelchair and they are easy to remove (except from fabric). Make sure you get waterproof ones because your wheelchair will get wet when you are outside. Glow-in-the-dark stickers are particularly awesome.

3. Iron on some fabric patches. You can purchase them in just about every size and color or you can design your own. These are harder to remove so choose things that you love. You can also sew them on if you don't want to use an iron. 

4. Buy colored tires. This will add a ton of personality since most wheels are black. You will definitely get some attention with this one! 

5. Get some spoke guards. These also come in lots of colors and patterns. They also have the added benefit of protecting fingers from moving spokes. 

6. Order colored parts. Wheelchair companies often offer many of their parts (like cushion seats and wheel covers) in a variety of colors. 

7. Decorate using a theme. If you love the Dallas Cowboys, add a blue cushion seat, white tires, a Cowboy decal, and blue and white lights. If you love the beach, add a beige cushion seat with some seashell patches, some white and blue lights, and blue spoke guards. 

8. Wrap your chair in yarn or ribbon. This is another cheap thing that is easy to change out often. Simple wrap one end around and glue it to itself (not your chair), then continue to wrap until you have covered the entire area. 

9. Add a cup holder. You can use it to hold your phone, a music player, a small vase of flowers, whatever you want! 

Since you will be spending so much time in your electric wheelchair, take the time to make it something you love. 

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